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About a lost wax product

About our CSR activities

We promote continuous improvement carrying out building hardware, lost wax production and service to accompany recognizing the maintenance of the global environment is a human common important issue and
regarding an environmental improvement activity as an important measure.
In addition, We cooperate for the solution to community problems and realization of a goal by an equal viewpoint capturing contribution to social activity is improvement for corporate value not as "philanthropy" keeping the partnership with the community in mind.

Policy of Environmental action

  • ●We plan continuous environmental improvement and try for the prevention of the environmental pollution.
  • ●We comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements we agree in performing our activity, product and service.
  • ●We work on the continuous environmental load reduction activity rationalizing works and extracting an improvement activity in all of operation.In addition, We carry out a periodical review about activity contents.
  1. 1)Reduction of the CO2 discharge
  2. 2)Activity for the enlargement of sale of the product
  3. 3)Activity for rationalization of works and improvement of works
  4. 4)Activity for rationalization of distribution and improvement of works

About contribution to social activity

We will strive for a good relation with the circumference of a factory and a local contribution.
We are interchanging with a community positively through a cleanup activity or a local volunteer and taking part in the planning of opportunities of various communications, such as an enjoying-the-evening-cool Kawachi ondo festival and children's association, actively for a good relationship.
Moreover,we are tackling with cleaning of the park around the factory and the circumference of the nearest station positively and striving to get used with an aid of community development.